Is Your Business Ready for Electric Vehicles? A Guide for Dealerships and Garages


The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is here, and it's rapidly transforming the automotive industry.  For dealerships and garages, this presents a thrilling opportunity to  step into the future of transportation.


Are  your  service bays  equipped  to  handle  high-voltage  systems?  Do  your  technicians  possess  the  specialized  skills  needed  to  diagnose  and  repair  EVs?


This AWARE Series guide is designed to equip  you  with  the  knowledge  and  resources  needed  to  future-proof  your  business.  We'll  explore the  key  challenges  and  opportunities  presented  by  EVs,  and  provide  valuable  insights  on  how  to  prepare  your  dealership  or  garage  for  success  in  the  exciting  world  of  electric vehicles.

We identify the key reasons why automotive businesses should prioritise Electric Vehicle training for their teams.

1 - Electric Vehicles Need Specialist Servicing

2 - Investing In EV Training

3 - Building EV Showroom & Sales Expertise

1 - Electric Vehicles Need Specialist Servicing

While the core principles of automotive repair remain important, servicing EVs requires a specialized skillset and a deeper understanding of high-voltage electrical systems.  Here, we'll delve into two of the most significant challenges garages may face in the EV era.


Implementing High Voltage Safety Protocols


Unlike traditional vehicles with relatively low-voltage (12V) electrical systems, EVs operate with battery packs ranging from 400 to 800 volts DC (direct current). This significant increase in voltage necessitates a heightened awareness of safety protocols to protect technicians from potentially life-threatening electrical shocks.

Using Workshop Manuals For Success

To work safely and effectively on these high-voltage systems, technicians need a specific set of tools – comprehensive technical data and service manuals tailored for each EV make and model. 

These manuals are like safety bibles for EVs. They outline the exact steps technicians need to take to disable the high-voltage system, disconnect the battery pack safely, and perform maintenance or repairs without getting zapped.

It is important garages use correct workshop manuals for EVs even after completing relevant training, as systems on Electric Vehicles differ from make and model.



2 -Investing In EV Training


One of the most crucial investments you can make when preparing your garages and dealerships for EVs, is training for your service technicians.  But with various options available, where do you begin?


EV training empowers technicians to diagnose and repair a wider range of vehicle issues, ensuring they can effectively service all your customers' needs, both electric and gasoline-powered.


A well-trained service team inspires customer confidence. Investing in EV training demonstrates your commitment to offering cutting-edge service and positions your business as a leader in the EV landscape.



The AWARE Series advantage


The AWARE Series offers a comprehensive suite of EV training programs to equip your technicians with the necessary knowledge and skills:

Our EV Hazard ManagementAWARE e-learning course provides a solid foundation in EV technology and high-voltage safety protocols. Ideal for technicians new to EVs, these courses can be completed at their own pace.


Our IMI L3 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement course builds upon upon the L2 level, equipping technicians with the skills to diagnose and repair complex EV systems. This program prepares technicians for a successful career servicing the latest EV technologies. .

3 - Building EV Showroom And Sales Experience

While technicians need the skills to service these innovative vehicles, a successful dealership also requires a well-trained sales team equipped to educate and excite customers about EVs.  Here's how you can empower your sales team to become EV experts and close more deals.


EV Technology Fundamentals: Train your sales team on the core principles of EV technology, including battery types, range estimation, charging infrastructure, and different electric motor configurations. This knowledge base equips them to confidently answer customer questions and address potential concerns.


Benefits of Electric Vehicles: EVs offer numerous advantages over traditional gasoline vehicles, including environmental benefits, lower running costs, and a smoother driving experience. Equip your team to effectively communicate these advantages, highlighting tax incentives, fuel savings calculations, and the environmental impact of going electric.


Addressing Range Anxiety: Range anxiety – the fear of running out of power – is a common concern for potential EV buyers. Train your team to discuss range realistically, factoring in driving habits, charging options, and the growing network of public charging stations. They should be able to demonstrate trip planning resources and reassure customers about their ability to meet their driving needs.


Test Drive Expertise: Test drives are crucial for converting interest into sales. Train your team to effectively showcase the unique driving characteristics of EVs, highlighting the smooth acceleration, instant torque, and quiet operation. They should be prepared to answer questions on regeneration (returning energy to the battery during braking) and one-pedal driving techniques.


Altogether, sales professionals can equally benefit with technicians when it comes to EV training. By undertaking a comprehensive EV training program like EV Hazard ManagementAWARE, dealership professionals can translate technical specifications into customer-centric benefits.


High-quality Electric Vehicle training offers a win-win situation for both technicians and sales professionals in dealerships and garages.

For technicians, EV training equips them with the critical skills and knowledge to safely and effectively service these high-voltage vehicles. This ensures they can work confidently on EVs, minimizing risks and maximizing customer satisfaction.

For sales professionals, EV training empowers them to become trusted advisors in the world of electric vehicles. By understanding the technology and its benefits, they can effectively communicate the advantages of EVs to potential customers, addressing concerns and guiding them towards informed decisions.

This guide serves as a roadmap to help dealerships and garages prepare for the growing EV landscape. By investing in EV training for both your service and sales teams, you position your business to become a leader in the electric vehicle revolution. With a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, you'll be well-equipped to attract new customers, retain existing ones transitioning to EVs, and thrive in the exciting future of electric mobility.


Gary Tucker, Managing Director of Network Training Partnership

Awarded the 'Outstanding Contribution to the Motor Industry' by the Institute of the Motor Industry at their 2020 Centenary Awards and a finalist in the Talent in Logistics Industry Ambassador Awards 2020.

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