Introducing The AWARE Series eLearning Academy

Our platform is designed to elevate the training experience for professionals in the automotive, logistics, and emergency services industries.

We offer a range of eLearning courses and our platform can be tailored to suit your needs, whether you are an individual, or company seeking to upskill your team.

What Our Platform Offers


Personalised Learning Experience

We tailor course pathways to address knowledge gaps of each individual to ensure your team is receiving the best possible learning experience.


Data Driven Insights

On completing each course, both the individual and the business can receive full reports on training performance as well as areas for improvement


Engaging Content

Each course features interactive simulations, modules and gamified elements in order to maximise the learning experience of each and every individual taking the course

What Courses Do We Offer

HydrogenAWARE eLearning Course

In our HydrogenAWARE e-learning course, we will equip you with the knowledge and skills to handle hydrogen safely, ensuring you possess a comprehensive understanding of this innovative technology and its role in the future of transportation.

Company Vehicle DriveAWARE eLearning Course

In this Company Vehicle DriveAWARE course, we will focus on prevention, protection & performance by looking at aspects of a company driver’s lifestyle, their health & wellbeing as well as use of the vehicle, defensive driving, hazard perception & awareness, fuel efficiency, motorway systems and all environmental factors.

EV & HybridAWARE eLearning Course

In this EV & HybridAWARE eLearning course, we will give you an overview of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, evaluate the positives and negatives of a hybrid system, identify types of electric or hybrid vehicles at scene of incident or breakdown, and recognise potential hazards involved when dealing with Electric and Hybrid Vehicles.

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Can the platform ensure compliance with industry regulations?

Yes, our modules content can be rigorously vetted to ensure we are meeting latest industry regulations.

Can we easily add our own training content to the platform, or customize existing content to fit our specific needs?

Yes, we recognise each business will prioritise particular trainings compared to another. Send us your training requests and we will swiftly adapt our course module content to meet your needs.

Can the platform accommodate a large number of learners, and can it scale to meet our future training needs?

Yes, our platform can be supercharged to enroll as many learners as you would like. We cater to every business, however big, however small.